Eight Excellent Reasons to Study for an Online MBA

Combining cutting-edge real-world experience with the latest business theory, embarking on a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the best things you can do for your career. Studying for an MBA can prepare you for new challenges in your existing role, widen your skill set for a change in career direction or equip you with the knowledge you need to set up your own enterprise.

The benefits of attaining an MBA are clear, but have you ever considered the added advantages of studying for an MBA online? The 100% Online MBA from Vlerick Business School offers online learning with a proven track record for success, as we explore in this article.

1. Learning that fits around your career

A student using online resources for MBA studies

Like many business leaders, you may find the idea of studying for an MBA appealing but you cannot take the time off work. The idea of taking a break to study is a luxury many people with a demanding career simply cannot afford.

This is where the flexibility of online learning comes into its own. You can study from anywhere in the world through our dynamic online learning environment, giving you the opportunity to fit your Online MBA around work and other commitments.

With three programme start dates available, in January, April and September, you can take control of your learning and make it work in combination with your current career. Every seven weeks of study is followed by a week’s break, so you have plenty of additional time to dedicate to other areas of life.

2. Exceptional learning, accessible from anywhere

Vlerick is one of only a few business schools in the world to hold accreditations from EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB, as well as being the Number One ranked Benelux business school for executive education. By enrolling on our Online MBA, you can harness the power behind these prestigious accolades from anywhere in the world.

Our faculty of international business leaders pave the way in our quest for excellence, and their insight and experience could give you the edge in your career. Gain key business insights and capabilities that you can apply directly and immediately to your current career, all accessible at the click of a mouse and without ever having to set foot in a classroom.

3. Impactful experiential learning

With such innovative faculty, our programme content has to match. We’ve developed our Online MBA with a mixture of lively, contemporary and engaging subject areas, based on real business and applicable to whatever your aspirations may be.

During the Online MBA you will delve into inspiring and immersive interactive content, engage in passionate online debates with faculty and peers and explore real-world business scenarios. Designed specifically for an online learning environment, our programme will challenge and empower you through rich and varied online features. We have developed every element to help you learn through action and then, crucially, put theory into practice, giving you the confidence to aim for the next step in your career and beyond.

Courses include leadership development, marketing, entrepreneurship and digital strategy, and the final focus takes the form of an immersive and realistic interactive business simulation known as the IMEx Game (Integrated Management Exercise). Working with a team, you will be set a computer-simulated business challenge and tasked with making strategic managerial decisions on marketing, production, purchase and personnel. You’ll need to use the techniques and concepts you’ve covered during your Online MBA to manage each business element simultaneously and achieve the best possible results for your virtual stakeholders. 

4. Access to the global business community

Thanks to the online nature of our programme, it’s likely that your fellow students will hail from all four corners of the globe. Learning alongside some of the world’s best business minds offers an opportunity not only to share experience and critical thinking through live online discussions, but to become part of an active international business community.

You’ll join over 23,000 alumni from over 100 countries around the world, and acquire a professional advantage through online access to a network of global corporations, institutions and research teams, giving you the ability to stand out from the crowd in competitive international markets. Our online participants also become gold members of our alumni association, with the freedom to benefit from an online database of graduate peers, live digital events and career-enhancing resources.

5. Outstanding return on investment

Opting for an Online MBA means you can start putting your learning to immediate use and begin reaping the rewards of your financial investment at the same time. While the benefits are more than worth it, an MBA can be a considerable outlay, so it makes sense to choose a mode of study that enables you to exercise newly-acquired skills and knowledge while it’s as fresh as possible. 

The content on our Online MBA is designed to be galvanising and motivational; to inspire you to apply new perspectives and techniques to your own role in real-time for maximum impact. With its emphasis on experiential learning and knowledge in action, our programme can help you achieve an ROI capable of taking your career to the next level.

Tuition fees for our Online MBA are competitive and, if paid in full at the start of the programme, the cost of the last course is discounted from the total fee and subsequent fees are frozen for five years. The lack of need to travel to campus that comes with online learning also helps keeps costs down. 

6. Improved career opportunities

There’s a reason the MBA is the world’s most popular management degree. Few other qualifications are so applicable to commercial enterprise in all its forms, so well-regarded by employers and so able to positively influence your career trajectory. The essential business acumen an MBA conveys can be put to use within almost any sector, which helps to secure its position as the king of business education programmes.

Vlerick alumni have gone on to pursue top-level careers in thriving, competitive industries, from law and social sciences, to engineering and economics. Some use the rich business expertise they have learned to launch their own ventures, or to take up a new role in a different sphere of interest. The flexibility and inclusiveness of an Online MBA can open up the realms of what is possible in your professional life, placing all of the career-boosting benefits of an MBA qualification within reach, without taking you out of the workplace.  

7. Online study complements remote working

Undertaking an Online MBA means capitalising on a wealth of digital tools and techniques to facilitate learning. Our immersive and engaging Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is the dedicated space via which our online participants study, debate and network, with each other and with faculty. Group discussions take place in both synchronously and asynchronously, as participants work together on interactive assignments and video lectures to bring business theories and concepts to life.

As technology continues to shrink the commercial world and connect colleagues and clients in different countries and time zones, a familiarity with using digital means of communication can be a big advantage. Mastering the nuances of effective online collaboration through an Online MBA is ideal coaching for a career that spans the globe.

8. Specialist support and career advice  

At Vlerick, our online participants are as much a part of our learning community as those who attend the business school in person. We have created our Online MBA with empowerment in mind, so that you feel ever-ready to get the best from your studies. 

You’ll benefit from admissions guidance from the moment you apply, and have access to help in scheduling your first course. Individual programme support is available throughout in the form of a personal Participant Support Officer, who can answer any questions you may have and navigate the programme course by course. We offer expert career advice too, enabling you to pinpoint and move towards a set of defined professional objectives.

With all there is to gain by studying online, the chance to become a better business leader through our influential and pragmatic Online MBA is yours for the taking. To discover more about how our Online MBA could help you become a more agile business leader, including detailed programme and pricing information, fill in our request form.

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