How an Online MBA can support a globe-trotting career

Paris today, London tomorrow, where to next week? The commercial world is more global than ever, and many professionals are spanning countries and continents while furthering their careers.

If this sounds familiar, you could be one of a growing number of people for whom work and travel frequently overlap, known to some as ‘digital nomads’. From freelancers and entrepreneurs building their businesses from wherever they choose to be, to those who need to travel as part of their roles, this style of working is characterised by its geographical flexibility.

You might think that working this way would make it impossible to gain a career-enhancing qualification like an MBA. Yet, as we explore here, digital learning can be a perfect fit for those with remote vocations.

Access digital career development from virtually anywhere

Being based in the same office every day, or indeed, any office, is becoming less and less necessary. All you need is an internet connection and an enabled device, and your location becomes irrelevant.

In the same way, you can access the virtual learning environment of an online degree programme from almost anywhere in the world. Study fits around your work and personal life, enabling you to work towards developing your professional and leadership capabilities, without any interruption to your career or where it takes you.

“I have a demanding and busy work schedule and my workload can be very changeable, so I liked the idea of able to study whenever I want,” says Maaike Van Craen, a participant on our Online MBA. “Sometimes I am free on a Monday, others I won’t be free for a whole week, so I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to make even half the classes on a campus programme. I like the fact that you can study more or less whenever you want, the flexibility is a really important thing for me.”

Our participants rely on the adaptability of digital learning. But the benefits don’t end there; the expertise it takes to build a successful remote career can be practiced and perfected through an online programme.

Develop your skills in digital interactivity

As technology continues to bridge gaps in geography and across timezones, it’s becoming increasingly important for contemporary business leaders to be multi-talented in their communication style; to be just as comfortable leading a Virtual conference as they are addressing a room full of delegates in person.

Via synchronous interactive online sessions, remote group assignments and innovative online learning, our Online MBA can help develop true digital communication dexterity. You’ll finesse the subtleties of communicating at distance, mastering the digital ‘soft skills’ you will need to foster positive working relationships without face-to-face contact.

Thanks to the digital space that both online learning and remote working operate within, studying the Online MBA can support a travel-centric career in other ways too. Being self-motivated, organised and able to manage your own time are essential skills for both disciplines, and online study will only sharpen your abilities.

What’s more, you can apply your developing skills to your career straight away, putting your knowledge into action for immediate benefits. Feeding back the results of your applied learning to faculty and peers completes and amplifies the learning process.

Join an international conversation of ambitious professional peers

As part of an online cohort based all around the world, studying the Online MBA can expose you to business perspectives from a diversity of countries and cultures. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss and debate course content and real-time professional experience with your globe-trotting peers, boosting your understanding of global business techniques and practices.

Working on group tasks, such as those on the course Doing Business in a Global World, can strengthen peer-to-peer relationships further still. With guidance from faculty and tutors on developing strategies for remote collaboration, these assignments provide a capsule environment in which to refine your capacity for international digital communication.

Online learning is fertile ground for expanding your global professional network too, giving you the chance to make connections with the potential to propel your career.

The ideal learning model for those who travel the world

Studying an Online MBA can greatly complement a career that traverses the globe. Combining work with study from your portable ‘office’ is the ideal preparation for a move to remote working, or a way to enrich key skills within a role that already incorporates international travel.

Like our current participants, you could discover a mode of study that not only enables career progression, but makes you a more effective digital nomad. Find out more about our Online MBA by filling in our  online form on the right.

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