Everything you could need from an MBA

Not all master’s degrees are equal - it’s important to find one that spends enough time covering the right areas.

But what are the right areas? 

According to a recent study by education market research group CarringtonCrisp, prospective participants see strategy, leadership and technology management as the top three most valuable topics that can be offered by an MBA, actively seeking out programmes with a strong focus in each one. Fortunately for those same participants, our online MBA boasts content that delivers on all three.

The rise of enterprise technology

Tech has always driven business on some level, but its importance has peaked in recent years. 

Connected technologies – automation and artificial intelligence especially – are drastically altering the business landscape, and postgraduate learners’ priorities are changing to reflect the shift. Technology management pushed entrepreneurship out to reach the top three in CarringtonCrisp’s survey, so what part does it play in our online MBA?

The first key course to consider here is Digital Strategy. The course takes a broad look at the technologies most relevant to the contemporary enterprise in 2019 - including big data, web, mobile, cognitive computing and the impact of digitisation - but it also focuses on adaptive decision-making frameworks that can be applied to whatever technologies emerge in the coming years.

By fully understanding the digital side of business, participants will see how organisations can leverage technology to drive performance – and then apply the same methods to their own companies.

Understanding technology in innovation

When used intelligently, technology helps businesses innovate. It allows for efficiency and service quality improvements that directly impact performance and revenue – and that alone makes it an important subject for those who want to gain an MBA.

Our online MBA looks at this side of technology management on a dedicated Innovation course. The goal of this course is to provide an understanding of innovation management processes and best practice, but within that we examine technology-based growth decisions – when to commit and when to stay flexible – as well as competitive and collaborative business situations.

Mastering strategy in business

Business strategy is about so much more than just technology – it’s a continuous process of matching your organisation’s resources and capabilities with market opportunities to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

This broad objective is what drives the Strategy course of our online MBA, the content of which focuses on the ‘science’ of strategising – looking at the analytical tools and conceptual frameworks for effective strategic thinking and practice.

"All companies claim to have a strategy. But not all strategies are winning strategies. Cracking the code of winning strategies is what this course is about," explains Carine Peeters, Professor of Strategy and International Business.

As it’s delivered online, our programme allows particpants to continue their employment while studying. This means you’re able to apply what you learn about strategy to your company immediately, rather than waiting until after you graduate. It’s an opportunity to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your own employer’s strategy, and to identify valuable opportunities for improvement.

Developing the leaders of tomorrow

Effective leadership is a common objective of our online MBA participants, and the programme’s Leadership Development course caters perfectly to this popular aspiration.

By introducing and focusing on all aspects of leadership, this programme-long course prepares you for the challenges you’re likely to experience in the real business world. It aims to cultivate a leader’s mindset by exploring elements such as goal setting, feedback provision, employee support and interaction, and action planning.

Our credentials in this area are boosted by the involvement of Katleen De Stobbeleir, who heads up the Leadership Development course. Having dedicated her career to coaching everyone from students to senior managers and executives, Katleen is a bona fide expert in the field of business leadership, and passes her invaluable knowledge of the subject onto participants throughout our online MBA.

Katleen’s leadership coaching methods include the use of an innovative 360° Feedback Instrument. This involves participants receiving regular feedback from both peers and tutors, creating a constructive feedback loop that helps them assess their own work effectively.

So, if you believe our online MBA offers everything you’re looking for from a thoroughly modern business programme, fill in our information form and start your new business journey today.

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