Do you have what it takes?

The fundamental beauty of studying for an MBA online is the ability to work towards your qualification when it suits your schedule and without interrupting your career. What’s more, your ongoing work experience can provide invaluable insight to your studies, giving you a real-time experiential foundation on which to base your learning.

Having said that, simultaneous work and study is not an easy feat. The challenge of expanding your business and leadership acumen while also driving forward a demanding career, or building a new venture, shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Many Online MBA programmes, including ours, also uphold a rigorous application process. Because we understand the impact every participant can bring to the Online MBA, there is a powerful mix of professional, management and academic talent in our programme participants. This stringent approach ensures our Online MBA is exactly right for our participants , providing the finest contemporary business education that can help to realise the most exceptional aspirations.

Make sure you’re ready to get the best from our Online MBA before you apply with our guidelines below:

About our application process

As well as having at least four years of full time work experience, an academic degree and a fluency in English, to be eligible for our Online MBA you must successfully complete the Vlerick Business Admissions Test (VBAT), which includes an analytical online test and an aptitude online interview with our team.

A thorough assessment of personal strengths, business knowledge, critical thinking and management potential, the VBAT also measures your English language proficiency and reasoning skills in place of an IELTS or GMAT.

Get test and interview-ready

The analytical test focuses on your ability to drive meaningful business metrics from sample data sets. It’s multiple choice, but you’ll need to be able to quickly read and understand information presented in various formats and manipulate the data to answer the questions.

During the interview part of the VBAT, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about your career to date as well as your ambitions and aspirations in order to quantify your leadership and management capabilities. Our team will also seek to determine how well you work within a team and what skills and values you would bring to the Online MBA programme. With such a high standard of international business expertise on the course, it’s crucial that every participant adds something tangible and enriching to the learning experience, for themselves and others .

Finally, you’ll be able to show us how well you know your industry, the wider arena of contemporary business and the ways in which it’s affected by current events and socio-economic developments. Ensure your knowledge of these areas is as up-to-date and expansive as possible; a deep appreciation of global business context will serve you well on our VBAT and Online MBA.

Pinpoint your motivations

If you haven’t already done so, ask yourself why doing an Online MBA is right for you at this moment of your career. What will an Online MBA enable you to achieve? Maybe you can’t get to the next stage in your career without an MBA qualification? This may be the case if you’re looking to reach senior management level or to set up your own business. 

Gaining an MBA may be something you’ve always wanted to do, but having definite career goals in mind for after your studies will help keep you motivated and focused throughout the course.This is why motivations make up part of our VBAT interview.

Be realistic about working and studying at the same time

Make sure you’re prepared for studying online by pre-organising the time and resources you’ll need to make it a success. An Online MBA is a big undertaking so you need to know you have the time and energy to dedicate to your studies, as well as the professional support of employers and colleagues if applicable. 

Work out a theoretical study plan – will you have enough time to study alongside all your other work and personal commitments? Knowing in advance how the course will factor into your life will give you an advantage when you begin your studies.

Taking control of your time will also get you into the habit of effective time management from the outset. As we’ve already mentioned, self-motivation is incredibly important – creating and sticking to a study schedule will turn online learning into a habit you’ll feel empowered by. 

So are you up for the challenge? We’ve designed our Online MBA to be as richly rewarding and inspiring as it can be, to give your career the impact you’re looking for. To discover more about our Online MBA programme and how to apply, contact our admissions team today. 

Accreditations & rankings

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