Digitization is coming: Learn how to embrace it

Technology has been changing the face of business around the world for decades, with many previously human driven roles and services being replaced with machinery and software. But with the recent rise in advanced machine learning, AI and robotics, what does the future of business look like for the White Collar workforce?

Innovative software and technology is opening the gateway for automation of tasks and roles across all business functions from finance to operations. For marketing organisations alone, it is estimated that 84% are implementing or expanding AI and machine learning in 20181.

As these advanced technologies often operate much faster, cheaper and smarter than human labour, there is a growing sense of anxiety and uncertainty over the future of business roles for many2. In fact, 37% of people are worried that automation will put jobs at risk according to PwC3.

While digitization is causing seismic changes in the business landscape, it is also creating new opportunities to thrive. A recent study from The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) suggests that the growth in these technologies is creating more jobs than it is removing from the market. ZEW argue that the real issue at hand “is preparing workers for the labour market of the future and in so doing improving every individual’s chance to benefit from digital transformation by moving into developing sectors and professions4.

But what do you need to do to thrive in this changing business landscape and how can you use technology to shape your professional career? Watch our previous online seminar on ‘Digitization of the White Collar workforce’ with Professor Steve Muylle, Dean of Vlerick Business School, Marion Debruyne and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Agenda, Mr. Alexander De Croo, and discover how you can get ahead of the digitization curve. This event celebrated the launch of the Vlerick Online MBA, the first of its kind in Belgium.

Learn from industry thought leaders on the impact artificial intelligence can have on your job, team and company as well as the wider global business landscape. By understanding how to leverage the power of AI, machine learning and robotics in your role and organization, you can create new opportunities for growth not just for your company but for your career.

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