Become the business leader you want to be

We believe learning is a lifelong journey. Taking time to invest in your own personal development can supercharge your career by shaping you as a leader and pioneer in your field. If you have a passion for business and a drive to excel, an MBA can give you the confidence to revitalise your career or pursue your own enterprise.

Here’s how studying an MBA online with Vlerick Business School offers a world-class route to energising your professional identity and becoming the business leader you want to be.

Great business leaders broaden their horizons

Have you ever imagined branching out into a global market? Do you need to collaborate with international business partners? If so, our online MBA can give you the edge you need. By incorporating diverse business methods and conceptual thinking from around the world, our online programme has the power to expand upon the way you approach business at home or abroad. 

Understanding differing methods and local attitudes to business is crucial to successfully navigating sectors overseas. This emphasis, coupled with the fact that your peers will likely come from many different countries, will help you develop a wider and more progressive perspective. 

But it’s not only your geographic horizons that our online MBA can help you expand. The programme will enable you to become fluent in each fundamental area of business, from IT to marketing, HR to finance. You’ll become a formidable and well-rounded business leader, with a expert grasp of every core business discipline.

Improve your professional agility

Our online MBA is based on the belief that we learn best by doing, so we will encourage you to apply innovative business theory to real-life scenarios for the greatest impact. You’ll gain proven business techniques and tactics that you can put into practice straight away - even more invaluable if you will be working alongside your studies. We have developed our Knowledge in Action project to do just this – you will apply your learning to a set of challenges within your own company or working towards setting up your own business plan. 

Through this fresh approach to online study, our programme will inspire you to think on your feet and become more flexible and responsive in your attitude to business management, enabling you to act swiftly and assertively to overcome complex challenges in your real-life career.

Connect with influential peers

Online MBA student on synchronous session at Vlerick Business School

The benefits of a wide professional network are obvious in theory, but developing relationships with those who can actually help you further your career is sometimes not so simple. Our online MBA is delivered via an interactive virtual learning environment, complete with synchronous classroom sessions, group work and discussions with our exceptional faculty and ambitious participants. 

As a contributing member of this dynamic online community and with a direct connection to such a wealth of international business talent, you’ll have the opportunity to gain contacts that can help take your career in a new direction. Each and every participant brings their own unique and inspiring business experience to the table. 

Feel empowered to make a leap

Confidence is key to becoming a better business leader - it's the one thing that great business leaders have in common. Without a sense of self-belief, career aspirations can fall flat before we even put them to the test. By fostering your instincts as a leader and encouraging you to approach business strategy in new and innovative ways, the Leadership Horizontal Track of our online MBA can help you form a personal career action plan and give you the conviction in your abilities you need to achieve your ambitions.

Whether you want to reach the next rung on the corporate ladder, refine your leadership expertise or set up your own enterprise, you’ll acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to secure that promotion or embrace your inner entrepreneur.

Challenge your own preconceptions

As we have emphasised, our online MBA will transform the way you think about business. Unlearning habits and ideas formed over an established career isn’t easy, but by helping you realise your own abilities and providing real-world examples of successful strategies at work, you can develop an enquiring approach to business management. 

Rather than relying on a default set of working practices, you’ll have the confidence and resources you need to tackle every task on its own merits as a more well-rounded and self-aware business leader. 

Skills to help become a top business leader

Corporate leadership is not easy, here are the skills that you can learn during an Online MBA at Vlerick:

  • A flexible approach to business management
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Taking ownership and responsibility
  • Build relationships
  • Lead with confidence
  • Be a good coach: challenge, feedback and support
  • Enriched reflection skills
  • Apply enhanced self-insight.

Via a varied programme of interactive content, our online MBA will guide you through a journey of self-development towards becoming a prominent business professional in your field. Speak to a member of our admissions team to find out what our online MBA could help you achieve by completing our online form.

Accreditations & rankings

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  • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • Financial Times