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Digitization as an opportunity, not a threat

The suspicion that technological advancement is something to be feared has been immortalised on film many times.

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What can an MBA do for your career in the engineering industry?

At one stage, an engineering career centred solely around technical problem-solving, but now it’s a much more diverse vocation.

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The first steps towards career reinvention: a participant shares his journey so far

Since graduating as an education scientist a decade ago, Niel Van Meeuwen has forged a vibrant career as a partner associated with international consulting company, Kessels & Smit.

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Workforce digitization and the age of AI

Technology has been changing the face of global business for decades, with workforce digitization well underway across various sectors around the world. Following the rise of advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics, what does the future of business look like for the...

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How to future proof your career as a white collar worker

When NASA introduced one of the first transistor-based computers – the vast IBM 7090 – to their space programme in 1961, they assumed the new technology would replace its human predecessors.

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Tips for global teamwork: making virtual teams successful

There’s an element of teamwork in every career, and most of us are used to collaborating with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders on team-led tasks. But what about working with people you never meet face-to-face?

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How an Online MBA can support a globe-trotting career

Paris today, London tomorrow, where to next week? The commercial world is more global than ever, and many professionals are spanning countries and continents while furthering their careers.

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A participant perspective on the Vlerick Online MBA

As a medical advisor at pharmaceutical giant Bayer, precision comes naturally to Maaike Van Craen.

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Celebrating the launch of our Online MBA with our Dean, Professor Marion Debruyne

Being driven is undoubtedly an asset, but it can leave you short on spare time.

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How online study enables success through shared experience

Picture a successful business person. You might see a commanding and dynamic manager or entrepreneur, someone who has worked to overcome professional obstacles in order to master their role or enterprise. But what about the people around them?

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