Marketing Course Overview

At a glance

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. During the course, you’ll learn how to integrate marketing thinking and practice, whilst gaining a balanced perspective on managing customer processes within the context of global firms.

Marketing has undergone evolutionary waves, starting from being a function with a pure product-orientation, to delivering customer experiences. Marketing has become more complex on strategic and operational levels in pursuit to create, synthesize and deliver value. The marketing plan is essential to capture and align both levels and this course will take it as a guiding framework.

This course is led by Fred Lemke.

Approach to learning

To understand how to integrate the customer in a company’s decision-making, to gain a deeper understanding of technological innovation in generating new business models and markets and to learn how to craft and implement effective marketing strategies.

"Good companies compete on product and service, while leading companies shape the experience of customers. In this course, we’ll look beyond and discuss the future being defined right in front of your business. This is mind shifting; this is impact. I call it ‘dynamite’."

Fred Lemke, Professor of Marketing

Programme content

During the Marketing course you will examine:

  • The marketing plan in a shifting business landscape.
  • Marketing analysis and segmenting markets for creating value.
  • Modern marketing research and the voice of the customer for identifying target markets.
  • Creating value by identifying and defining new markets and shaping value propositions.
  • Delivering value by turning value propositions into market offerings and pricing.
  • Capturing value by communication and the interaction skill-set.

Knowledge into action

You will create your own individual marketing plan for your own (or a designated) company.

  • Global Perspective: Gain a global perspective of marketing practices.
  • Holistic Marketing Analysis: Examine key marketing concepts and critically assess their application to the business world.
  • Market Orientation: Understand current customer trends and the business transition from a product to a customer-orientation model as a response.
  • Marketing Plan: Develop research skills necessary to collect and organise data and information for creating and justifying a marketing plan.
  • Perceived Customer Value: Identify customer needs for creating, delivering, communicating, and capturing value propositions as well as to justify their decisions in various business settings.
  • Cultural Reflective Capacity: Assess the influence of your background on your understanding of new and different settings.

Marketing webinar

Get a taste for our Marketing course by watching our Marketing info session webinar with Fred Lemke, Professor of Marketing & Sustainability and Steve Muylle, Online MBA Academic Director and discover more about our Marketing course and the Online MBA. Watch now.

Accreditations & rankings

  • Association of MBAs
  • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • Financial Times