Doing Business In a Global World

At a glance

Shape a global consciousness by creating awareness of the context and challenges of doing international business. From the local business to the international conglomerate, an appreciation of the dynamics of world trade is key to business success. In this course you’ll gain a profound understanding of global trends, market and non-market strategies, and cultural awareness.

International business implies cultural differences, and you might have encountered cultural ineptitude at times. You will understand the different cultural dimensions, and be able to formulate solutions and new approaches, that break stereotypes and enhance interpersonal relations in culturally diverse work contexts.

This course is led by Smaranda Boros and Filip Abraham.

“What we ultimately want to achieve, is to help you be better prepared, not just to do business in a global world, but to have the awareness, and the conscience to do business in a better world.”

Smaranda Boros, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Approach to learning

To cultivate and enhance competent behaviour of management professionals involved in international activities, including an awareness of globalisation trends and their implications, effective interpersonal relations in culturally diverse work contexts, and informed strategic decision-making towards the internationalisation of a business.


During this Doing Business in a Global World course you will examine:

  • Macro-level view of the dynamics of globalisation.
  • Debate the business impact of Chinese and US trade policy.
  • Demonstrate global trade relations.
  • Strategic Decisions in International Business.
  • DMIS (the Development Model of Intercultural Sensitivity) model and CQ (Cultural Competence).
  • The GLOBE framework of cultural differences:
    • From understanding to acting
    • From acting to creating
  • Integration of hard and soft dimensions of International Business.
  • Investigate negotiations in an international context through the GO15 event recreation simulation.

Knowledge into action

Following this course on the Online Master of Business Administration programme you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the concept of globalisation.
  • Compare global trade and relationships between countries, and groups of countries.
  • Critically evaluate key decisions companies are facing in global business.
  • Appraise the model of cultural sensitivity, and the notion of tribalism.
  • Identify the cultural dimensions that are at play, underneath visible cultural differences.
  • Distinguish cross-border flows that matter for countries and companies.
  • Interpret global trade and relationships between countries.
  • Analyse cultural dimensions and their impact on strategic decisions, collaborations, and cross cultural communication.
  • Analyse the impact of cultural dimensions on leaders.
  • Create awareness on intercultural interactions, and develop skills for intercultural interaction by breaking your stereotypes, and gaining deeper understanding of The Other.
  • Critically appraise cultural challenges and determine how to overcome these in future situations.

Doing Business in a Global World webinar

Get a taste of our Doing Business in a Global World course and watch Smaranda Boros, Professor of Organisational Behaviour in this info session webinar. Watch now.

Accreditations & rankings

  • Association of MBAs
  • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • Financial Times